Full version of Loop Capture album
by TTK techniques

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New music video by YEUN UISH

for the track ‘f5‘ by Dobrov and Troitski

f5 by Dobrov and Troitski, video by YEUN UISH

New music video from Hekazhen by yeun uish

by yeun uish

New music video for Dobrov & Troitski’s ‘C15’

C15 / Footage by Pavel Sabulin, everything else by Dobrov & Troitski

‘Session One’ gets a mention

Marc Weidenbaum — music journalist, writer, musician, sound artist, founder and runner of the experimental music creative collaboration Disquiet Junto spanning many years — wrote about our recent Session One EP by Ariana van Gelder and Arseni Troitski on his Disquiet blog.