Ars Troitski 🇺🇦

Ars releases music as himself (in collaborations) or as black dingus (solo). His instruments are modular synthesizers, field recorders, tape machines and software.
Ars is a part of the transoceanic networked duo Manifestoon Platoon (with Brooklyn-based ethnomusicologist and musician Eliot Bates).

instagram / NYMS profile / facebook (the latter is the preferred contact protocol)

Selected black dingus releases

FAKE DOBROV — bandcamp / streaming platforms
SPEAK SOFTLY IN HALLWAYS — bandcamp / streaming platforms
EP #1 — bandcamp / streaming platforms

Selected collab works

Dangle Statement by Manifestoon Platoon (with Eliot Bates) – bandcamp
(released by NYMS Rec.)

Nine Air Displacements (with Vitaliy Dobrov) — bandcamp / streaming platforms

session one (with Ariana van Gelder) — bandcamp / streaming platforms

enumerate, insectify by Manifestoon Platoon (with Eliot Bates) – bandcamp
(released by GATES OF HYPNOS)

Ars performing at Muchmore’s, Brooklyn, NY. Photo by Scooter McCrae