Ars Troitski

Ars is a filmmaker and musician currently living in Moscow, Russia. He releases music as himself (in collaborations) or as black dingus (solo). His instruments are modular synthesizers, field recorders, tape machines and sometimes software. Ars was in kustota project, a part of Moscow’s late 1990s IDM scene. After a big hiatus he started recording again in 2015, however the noises he makes are very different now.

instagram / NYMS profile / facebook

Selected black dingus releases:
FAKE DOBROV — bandcamp / streaming platforms
SPEAK SOFTLY IN HALLWAYS — bandcamp / streaming platforms
EP #1 — bandcamp / streaming platforms

Selected collab works:
NINE AIR DISPLACEMENTS (with Vitaliy Dobrov) — bandcamp / streaming platforms
SESSION ONE (with Ariana van Gelder) — bandcamp / streaming platforms
Manifestoon Platoon (with Eliot Bates)

Ars performing at Muchmore’s, Brooklyn, NY. Photo by Scooter McCrae